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Murder Princess (Dub)

While running, the princess falls off of a cliff and onto Falis, an infamous female bounty hunter. Due to the nature of the near-death experience (referred to as a spiritual commutation, or spiritual transmigration in the anime dub) the souls of Alita and Falis are switched. After Falis dispatches the forest's guardian beast, Alita pleads with the bounty hunter to protect the Forland kingdom, offering herself, body and soul, as collateral. Falis agrees and acts as the princess of the Forland Kingdom with her bounty hunter friends.

Murder Princess (Dub)


Momo is the princess of Fenarinarsa, a land of dreams that is getting further and further from Earth. She is sent to help the Earth regain faith in its dreams. To assist her are her friends Sindbook, Mocha, and Pipiru and her magic wand that transforms her into an adult. She's ready and willing to help anyone she can in order to make their dream come true, no matter what happens.

Prosecutor Beth Silverman makes her final remarks during closing arguments in the murder trial of Lonnie Franklin Jr., 63, who is accused of killing nine women and a 15-year-old girl beginning in the mid-1980s.

Ballistics tests showed that Washington was shot by the same firearm used to kill seven victims in the case, the prosecutor argued. Franklin was also found guilty of attempted murder for the attack on Washington.

In a land called Goodereste, where humans and demons live in harmony, everything is hunky dory. The rulers are benevolent and each citizen has ample provisions to lead comfortable lives. But one day, the evil Demon King kidnaps the princess Syalis and traps her in his castle.

Words like princesses, demons, and castles might promise action and adventure, but Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle is not that kind of show. Or at least, not in the premiere episode, which features the princess Syalis wondering around the grounds looking for new bedding for the entirety of the runtime.

Donald O'Connor recalled, "I was smoking four packs of cigarettes a day then, and getting up those walls was murder. They had to bank one wall so I could make it up and then through another wall. We filmed that whole sequence in one day. We did it on a concrete floor. My body just had to absorb this tremendous shock. Things were building to such a crescendo that I thought I'd have to commit suicide for the ending. I came back on the set three days later. All the grips applauded. Gene Kelly applauded, told me what a great number it was. Then Gene said, "Do you think you could do that number again?" I said, "Sure, any time". He said, "Well, we're going to have to do it again tomorrow". No one had checked the aperture of the camera and they fogged out all the film. So the next day I did it again! By the end my feet and ankles were a mass of bruises."

Yusaku decide to solve a serial murder case in a TV show but both Yusaku and Yukiko got food poisoning before the TV shoot. Later on, Kaitou Kid appears as Yusaku to return a favor for him of clearing his crime and cooperate with Conan to join the TV shoot. After the case, Conan realizes that the fake Yusaku is not Kid, but rather Vermouth to investigate Yusaku. However, Yusaku and Yukiko pretended to have food poisoning, as they saw through the Black Organization attempt to take them out. They plan with the FBI and pretended to get the symptoms of food poisoning to fool the Black Organization. Yusaku and Shuichi mention the only things left is to prepare the Black Organization's big move.

Not much is known about Yusaku and Yukiko's backstory before they get married. The most notable scene was from 20 years ago, when Yusaku and Yukiko met in a high end restaurant. Yusaku observed a murder crime, quickly solved it and suddenly proposed to a startled Yukiko, which she accepted. Yukiko can be really angry with Yusaku if he has flirtatious behavior, but they truly love each other.

On the ground, Conan tries unsuccessfully to find his pen around the statue. The other tour participants gather around to learn what happened. Kaneshiro calls it a poor story for the Night Baron to die, and it ends the game. Conan gives him a suspicious look, and abruptly calls attention to the backwards necktie. Kogoro thinks it could be a habit, but Conan produces Ebara's other necktie, which is tied normally. The belt is also backwards, leading Kogoro and Yokomizo to conclude that Ebara was murdered by one of the rest of the group. They start the process to question the others for their alibis.

Additionally, she disguised herself as the Night Baron for two reasons. She attacked Conan with the intention of scaring Kogoro back home before the murder occurred to prevent his involvement in the investigation. Akiko also planned to justify Ebara's fall in the costume by tricking the other participants and police into thinking that Ebara was the contest sponsor and died by mishap while trying to cause trouble as the Night Baron.

Satoru Maeda, Akiko's boyfriend, realized Akiko was the murderer, stole the Night Baron disguise from the police, and appeared in front of Ran and Akiko in order to give Akiko an alibi and take blame for her if the police discovered her trick.

However, Akiko's plan backfired. She failed to factor in the force of the "Princess Wind" that was blowing at the time of the murder and continues to blow similarly all the time. Conan, as Sleeping Kogoro, had the police drop several rolled futons from each suspect's room, each futon carrying weights to give them approximately the same weight as a person and a sheet tied around them to act like Night Baron's cape, as well as the number of the room they were dropped from written on them for identification. Thanks to the force of the "Princess Wind" and the cape catching that wind, none of the futons landed beneath any of their respective balconies. In other words, if Ebara had fallen from his own balcony, the wind would have blown him to the right of the statue rather than on top of it. The only way to make Ebara's body land beneath his own balcony in spite of the wind was, as demonstrated by Conan and the police, to drop his body in an area of the hotel that would shield it from the wind, an area that is only accessible from a room below the 20th floor of the hotel. With the suspect list in mind, Ebara could only have fallen from room 1901, Akiko and Maeda's room.

The Night Baron that appeared before Akiko, Ran, and Conan, however, was Satoru Maeda, who had no connection to the murder. After noticing a few anomalies about Ebara's body, he began to suspect Akiko and went through her luggage. He found the Night Baron wig in her suitcase. She had originally intended to include it with the rest of the costume she placed on Ebara, but she didn't need it since Ebara's hair already looked the part. With proof in hand, he realized his fiancée's plans and made his own plan to divert attention away from her so she wouldn't go to jail. The first part was to not reveal the alibi that he did have, as to not create inconsistencies within any possible confession he may have to make. The second was to steal the costume and appear in front of Akiko and someone else, creating a phony alibi for Akiko; stealing the costume proves there's only one costume, and only one costume would lead people to believe there's only one Night Baron, which couldn't be Akiko.

Discovery+ Announces January Programming SlateHighlights Include January 6th and Prisoner of the Prophet, and additional exclusive programming such as Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal, Deadly Influencer and more.discovery +, the definitive non-fiction subscription streaming service from Warner Bros. Discovery, today announced new and exclusive programming that will be available to stream in January.discovery+ recently launched offline downloads in the U.S., for discovery+ (Ad-Free) customers only, on iOS, Android, and FireTablet making it easier for users to continue watching fan favorite shows like House of Hammer, Fixer Upper, and 90 Day Fiancé, while traveling, commuting, or in an area without internet connection. With more than 58,000 episodes available for download, there is no limit on the amount of content users can download as long as free space is available on their devices. See here to learn more.December 28:The Nature Conservancy Presents Eat UglyUglyDriven by her passion for advancing conservation around the world, "Eat Ugly" sees Dr. Wear travel from New Orleans to New York City, and San Francisco to rural Georgia, exploring options to eat more sustainably and waste less, reducing the production of greenhouse gasses, helping to maintain equilibrium in populations, sustaining marine ecosystems and minimizing food waste.January 5:January 6thEmmy and Peabody winning directors Gédéon and Jules Naudet ("9/11," "November 13: Attack on Paris," "The Presidents Gatekeepers") examine January 6th from the unique perspective of the heroes, first responders, and survivors of the attack. It's an apolitical story of resilience and bravery that features Speaker Nancy Pelosi, DC Police Chief Robert J. Contee III, Congresswoman Liz Cheney, and over 50 Senators, Representatives, staffers from both sides of the aisle, and police officers as they reveal their first-hand experience of the attack. It is the only documentary for which the Capitol and Metropolitan Police Departments granted full access to their officers.January 30:Prisoner of the ProphetBriell, the 65th wife of prophet Warren Jeffs, details her time living - and surviving - in the FLDS Church. Briell's story exposes the darkest secrets of the polygamist cult.In addition, below is a list of exclusive programming coming to discovery+ in the month.January 1:A Father's NightmareMatt, a grieving widower, becomes suspicious of his rebellious college-aged daughter's manipulative roommate. Will Matt figure out what's really going on before it's too late?A Sister's SecretAfter losing her twin brother to suicide, a woman blames her brother's ex-girlfriend and plans to take her revenge.Amish AbductionAnnie faces a crisis when her husband leaves their Amish world to live among "normal Americans," or the "English" as the Amish dub them. But things turn even more dire when her husband returns to seek custody of their son and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants.Baby Monitor MurdersWhen Cassie Temple returns home the summer before her senior year of college, she's expecting to be bored after her music internship falls through. She accepts a job as a babysitter.Deadly InfluencerEighteen-year-old Skylar Madison is obsessed with managing the online social media "influencer" careers of her fellow classmates and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. That includes murder. Having already gotten away with killing the most popular girl in her school, Skylar now turns her sights on managing the career of seventeen-year-old Jessica Lake, the new girl in class and an up-and-coming fashion video blogger.Harry & Meghan: Becoming RoyalThe love story of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continues as they navigate their first year of marriage. The couple's core values are put to the test as they try to find the balance between honoring royal tradition and staying true to their beliefs.Her Secret Family KillerSarah's friend Victoria gives her a genetic testing kit. But that night, Victoria is killed. As their homicide case runs cold, the police decide to run the killer's DNA and discover that someone related to Sarah killed her friend.Into the Arms of DangerA 17-year-old Jenny gets into a car accident on a desolate stretch of road. Her call for help is answered by a pair of EMTs. But once she is locked in the back of the ambulance, she discovers her "rescuers" are not really paramedics.Mommy's Little PrincessAfter a tough eight years living with her drug addicted mother, ten-year-old Lizzy is adopted by an amazing career woman Juliana and her boyfriend Greg. Hoping to help Lizzy learn more about who she is , Julianna buys Lizzy an online genetics test and they discover that Lizzy is related to a royal German family. Finally feeling truly special for the first time, Lizzy begins to change from the sweet girl Julianna adopted to an entitled, angry child. As Lizzy's unhealthy fascination with being a princess grows, the girl begins to lose her sanity, blurring fantasy and reality.My Nightmare LandlordThe Nightmare Landlord follows Lydia as she moves into a new apartment after breaking up with her long-term boyfriend, finding herself more and more isolated as her apartment manager becomes obsessed with her.The Wrong StepmotherMichael lost his wife a few years back and now lives alone with his two daughters, Lily and Nicole. This all changes when he meets his new girlfriend, Maddie. As Lily gets to know Maddie, she becomes more and more suspicious of the woman who is always there with a helpful hand.January 11:This is Life with Lisa LingThis is Life with Lisa Ling returns for a ninth season with award-winning journalist and author Lisa Ling as she ventures to the far corners of America, exploring communities that are often unknown or misunderstood. In this series, produced by Part2 Pictures, Ling investigates some of our country's most pressing issues and uncovers some surprising solutions along the way.January 18:Real Life NightmareThe Real Life Nightmare presents stories of unsolved cases and unexplained deaths that continue to baffle investigators and horrify those left behind.For more information on discovery+, visit You can follow discovery+ on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.#About discovery+discovery+ is the definitive non-fiction, real life subscription streaming service from Warner Bros. Discovery. With the largest-ever content offering at launch, discovery+ features a wide range of exclusive, original series across popular passion verticals including lifestyle and relationships; home and food; true crime; paranormal; adventure and natural history; as well as science, tech and the environment, and a slate of high-quality documentaries. For more, visit, or find the discovery+ app on most mobile and connected TV devices. 041b061a72


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