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[S1E7] The Eternal Shriek

Norn's laughter is enough to chill the blood. "Your calling is false," she begins. As she speaks, the bodies of the fallen Phyrexians lift and swarm around her. Pieces fly from their limp forms: shards of metal, shards of bone; blades and razors; teeth and tubes. Warp through weft, Norn weaves herself a hideous new suit of armor. "On all of the planes, there is only one eternal, untarnished truth: all will be one. Any who stand in the way of unity stand in the way of a perfect future."

[S1E7] The Eternal Shriek

Elspeth looks down on the praetor before her. A storm of blades swirl around Norn like the petals of a porcelain flower. "We are beyond your comprehension, beyond your reach! When we have conquered the Multiverse you've held so dear, you will kneel at our feet and bask in the glory of our creation! You will not ruin everything we've achieved. Eons from now you will be forgotten, and we will remain the eternal hierophant, Elesh Norn!"

Peter tries to convince her not to be foolish because he is offering her eternal youth. Danny possibly knowing its against nature and not the right way of life declines the offer. Then she locks him inside the chamber booth. Then she turns the main switch all the way to minus, telling him he's messed with the wrong girl and not to call her Danielle. The machine rapidly runs in reverse overloading and smoking. Peter is constantly crying no! Peter get's out and his hair has instantly started turning gray and white aging rapidly on the spot.

Jesse assured Tulip that the Saint of Killers is gone and not to worry about him. Meanwhile, a French professor explains to Cassidy that Denis is dying and wants Cassidy's help to have an eternal life, which Cassidy quickly denies. 041b061a72


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