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The aim of the research on which this article is based was to understand the behavioural changes of the target student population over time to ensure that future prevention programmes are more effective in changing behaviour. This study reports on quantitative data collected at the University of the Western Cape over a six-year period between 2007 and 2012. All the students attending the orientation sessions and who were willing to complete the anonymous questionnaire during each of the six years were included in the study. Data were collected on the following aspects and subjects: sexual activity, age at first sexual encounter, number of sexual partners, condom usage, knowledge of how to use a condom, perceived ability to discuss condoms usage with a sexual partner, perception of HIV risk and HIV testing as well as the intention to be tested. Reported alcohol and drug usage, as well as depressive symptoms, was also recorded. The percentage of students reporting having had vaginal sex prior to entering university increased from 44% in 2007 to 51% in 2012 but, alarmingly, the consistent use of condoms decreased from 60% in 2007 to 51% in 2012. The average onset age of about 15.6 years for males and 16.7 years for females for vaginal sex did not change over the six-year period. No difference in smoking patterns or drug use was seen over the period of the study, but the number of entering students who indicated that they consumed alcohol increased significantly from 48% in 2007 to 58% in 2012. HIV testing increased from 19% in 2007 to 47% in 2012, whereas the intention to be tested showed no significant change over the period. Although students increasingly reported that they knew enough about HIV/AIDS (63% in 2007 and 69% in 2012), about a third reported suffering from AIDS fatigue. Prevention efforts targeted at those incoming first-year students who are not yet sexually active (about 45% in this study) should be developed and should take into account the multiplicity of factors that appear to influence their sexual debut.

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Name of college: UWC ADRIATIC Main contact for national committees Name: Role: Address: Telephone: Fax: Email Address: MATEJ ROLICH Assistant to the Rettore VIA TRIESTE 29 34011 DUINO (TS) ITALY +39 040 3739 221 +39 040 3739 225 Contact details for Head of college Name: Telephone: Email Address: PETER HOWE +39 040 3739 221 Contact details in case of an EMERGENCY out of office hours: CONTACT DETAILS EDUCATION 1. Out of office hours on weekdays: mobile phone number +39 340 892 0677 (Peter Howe) 2. Weekends: mobile phone number +39 349 303 1846 (Teacher on Duty) How many students attend the college (IB years, diploma years, other 184 students)? Does the college have any particular focus, theme or regional emphasis? Please also detail any particular highlights. Duino is a small historic village in the north-east of Italy, inhabited both by Italian and Slovenespeaking people, close to Trieste and Slovenia. This village has hosted us since 1983. The choice of Duino as the home of the only College in Italy was not casual, any more than was the decision to avoid isolating the students in a separate campus. It was intended that they should have a full opportunity of experiencing the richness and diversity of the surrounding area. The neighbourhood of Duino is a meeting point between three historically significant cultures in Europe: the Latin, the Slav and the Germanic. Traces of the fruitful intermingling of these cultural roots are to be found in the faces of the people, in their dialects, their architect, their food, their popular traditions. The history of the area is the answer to the question: Why Duino? Here the students can understand the urgent need for peace, at the same time themselves offering tangible evidence of international understanding and tolerance. The college from the very beginning has laid special emphasis on its relationship with Central and Eastern Europe - conscious of the strategic nature of its position, and reflecting the policies of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 35% of its students come from this area.

Q: What is UWC?A: UWC stands for United World College. There are 18 UWC schools and colleges throughout the world, including UWC Changshu China. All UWC schools are united by the same mission statement - "UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future".

Q: Where are the UWC schools and colleges located? A: In addition to the UWC Changshu China campus in China, there are UWC schools and colleges in Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Hong Kong China, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, USA, Tanzania and UK.

Q: Where do students at UWC schools and colleges come from? A: UWC students come from more than 155 different countries. About 80 to 100 different countries may be represented at a UWC school. At UWC Changshu China, students come from nearly 100 countries and regions.

Q: Does each UWC offer a specialty or focus area? A: Yes, each UWC is unique. For example, UWC Changshu China will focus on Chinese language and culture, youth leadership and environmental stewardship.

Q: What kind of students does UWC look for?A: UWC schools look for students who believe that peace and sustainability are worth striving for and who are prepared to work to become the change they want to see in the world. We welcome students from a deliberately diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. At UWC, diversity extends to differences in socio-economic background, culture as well as nationality. UWC students are united in their commitment to positive social action to build a more equitable and fairer world.

Q: Who is eligible to apply to UWC? A: The UWC National Committee in each country sets their own eligibility criteria for application. Please check with the National Committee in your country. If you want to submit an application to the UWC Student Joint Selection Committee of China(JSC), please read more here:

Q: How do I apply to UWC? A: How you apply will depend on (1) your country of citizenship, and (2) your eligibility to apply through your country's UWC National Committee. If you are eligible to apply to JSC, please read more about application process here:

Q: When can I apply to the JSC? A: For the 2023-2024 academic year, the application dates are available on our website. Our online application portal has been open since August 17, 2022. Application dates are likely to shift every year, so please contact our Admission Office at if you are not applying for the 2023-2024 intake.

Q: When is the deadline for application to the JSC? A: For the 2023-2024 academic year, the application deadline for the Early Admission stream is at 17:00, October 31, 2022. Application deadline for the Regular Admission stream is at 17:00, December 26, 2022(We occasionally consider applications after the deadline on a rolling basis should a space unexpectedly open up and the applicant meets our strict admission criteria).

Q: (For Regular Admission students) Can I apply to a particular UWC school? A: If you apply through the Regular Admission stream, you are applying to the UWC movement as a whole. You will be able to indicate your top preferences for UWC schools or colleges, but the JSC will make the final decision as to where to nominate selected students. This is to ensure a good mix of students at every UWC.

Q: (For Regular Admission students) Can I ask to switch to another UWC if I'm not offered my preferred UWC? A: No. When you apply to UWC through Regular Admission, you are applying to the UWC movement as a whole, not to a specific UWC.

Q: Can I transfer from one UWC to another? A: FP students who are Chinese citizens admitted through Regular Admission (RA) may be eligible to be nominated by the JSC to another UWC for their IBDP years. IBDP students are not eligible for a transfer, although some UWC schools might offer an exchange programme in the future. 041b061a72


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