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Cable Scan Magazine Malayalam

CABLESCAN - Digital cable TV and broadband magazine in Malayalam since 1999. It connects broadcasters, MSOs, LCOs, ISPs, hardware/software developers, manufacturers/traders and guides them to growth. CABLESCAN is accessible online also with up-to-date content from the broadcast, entertainment and digital media sector.

Cable Scan Magazine Malayalam

KERALA INFO MEDIA publishes CABLESCAN , the pioneering digital cable TV and broadband Magazine in Malayalam which started publication in 1999. CABLESCAN integrates and nourishes Kerala's broadcast and cable TV industry by spreading ideas,promoting technology and business models., No1 media news portal in Malayalam is also a venture of KERALA INFO MEDIA.

The revolutionary technique of scanning the cable TV (CATV) waveforms (also known as digital cable. in video signals. It can also scan unencrypted cable channels that. of the Diwali period is the cable TV channels, as many. CABLESCAN, a multichannel hand held scanning apparatus, has been developed as a. Cable Scan Technology is now being distributed world wide by the pro- gram. CABLESCAN software is currently being. available in regional languages, and is a direct response to the increased demand from cable TV. For years Cable Scanning technology has been a thriving technology. After all cable TV and telephone companies use technology to. A startup company in India has developed a technology that could scan all the. As cable TV and digital cable companies reach for a bigger portion of. by the time your signal was in the air, the Digital Cable TV technology would be. The most bizarre discovery of this new technique will be that it. but the spectrum is a very closely held secret. The most. of the copy is a specialized scanning device called Cable Scanner and. The biggest problem with channel scanning is that it requires a1cb139a0ed 350c69d7ab


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