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Necromunda - House Of Artifice

Even on a planet such as Necromunda, where gangs fight for existence with whatever scarce resources they can scrape together, there are some who have access to technology that far surpasses even the sacred gear of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Those who wield this power have unequalled control over the tech that flows through the hives, while keeping the choice cuts for themselves. But few know the true reasons as to their success and their apparent skill in artifice. Few know the secrets of House Van Saar, the House of Artifice.

Necromunda - House of Artifice

House of Artifice kicks off with a nice meaty 31 pages detailing the lore of the Van Saar and fleshing out what we know about them. From a crashed colony ship called the Van Saar which may have been the inspiration behind the house name, to a rare and highly protected STC that gives them their technological advantage we learn about this history of the gang and how they developed from a tech gang based in the wastelands outside the hives into a real powerhouse of influence on Necromunda with even Lord Helmawr himself assisting in covering up their tech-heresy. Along with a timeline of events regarding the gang, we also get a full breakdown of their command structure, the main players and power struggles and detailed info on what industries the Van Saar run across the hives.

We also get some rules for Van Saar terrain, to add things wusch as Rad Cannon Emplacements as a defensive turret in games they are defending in. I really hope we see some models for these (And the other house terrain pieces) as think a lot of people would be more likely to use them in their games with an easily purchasable model (Though, it does offer some nice kitbashing opportunities until that is the case!) 041b061a72


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