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Gta Sa Traffic Mod

This mod adds significantly more peds to the streets and more vehicles to the roads by editing CustomSettings.ini and popcycle.dat. Increasing vehicle traffic comes at a slight trade-off to vehicle spawn distance, which means cars will pop in to existence closer to the player. Only for San Andreas.

Gta Sa Traffic Mod

FEATURES :- Highly customizable by a friendly INI file.- Controlled spawning : you define place and time for every vehicle in the list.- Trailer + Truck support.- Emergency service vehicles support (including customized cop cars).- Planes, Helicopters, Boats and Buses support (via routed paths ).- A built-in natural Handling for both, player and traffic cars.- Traffic Jam management (less craziness in traffic).- Traffic spawning control (less repetition, better balancing).- Automatic density control for cars.- Airport resurrection.- Several secondary features complete the mod functionality.IMPORTANT : Traffic&Travel is derived from the old Trucks&Trailers script. If you have that old mod, please DELETE IT first.DONWLOAD : Traffic&Travel 2.7

I'm saying this to you because your types of mods fit in, mainly because we will also need to do something in street peds, giving a better ambiance, urbanization, and you already did it for traffic vehicles, maybe you can do this for peds in street too, add variations in their artificial intelligence, just as you've done in Hard Rain, maybe groups of people walking together as a family or a tour, people with less robotic behaviors, reacting better to things that happen around. Again, the ideas is limitless and I will like to see you doing something for peds also and not only for vehicles.

1 - T&T attempts (not as good as it should) to create traffic jams in downtown, airports and (if vehicle density is not fixed ) also in city freeways. You can increase "boostRegions" to 100 to get better results (but you need strong computer).

damn, this mod would be so good if damaging the car would not affect the handling and if you could turn off overheat. they have nothing to do with the traffic. you should make this a separate mod and focus more on the traffic like custom police cars and fbi trucks etc. there's still no single mod that lets you copy id features to another id so that you can add e.g. like police cars, planes or trains

the traffic.. and trailer movement so perfect.. but emergency car move abnormally and no follow the traffic rules.. ruin the sa traffic and the emergency traffic causes car crash 90% than the others... but.. that's not made this mod ugly but may i ask.. is this mod compactiable with real_traffic_fix by junior_djjr?

i don't know what's the matter with this mod... this update still doesn't work for me, there will be no traffic at all in the streets, but only traffic and travel spawned vehicles, and on top of that, with this update my game crashes immediately after i go out the save house. and it doesn't even work with your included cleo.asi file. and apart from that vehicles will still have soft handling and if i try to drive backwards it will just go straight forward lol. i don't know what i'm doing wrong or which file does it screw up like that. is it possible that this mod only works with original main.scm and script.img?

This is the all in one mod you want.I have taken out the Tanks and Barracks only from the wanted level.I have added , depending on the city , the correct police vehicles cars.In place of the tank and barrack.As well as #COPCARRU for the country zonesReally is like a dukes of hazard now.But that is not all.Road barriers and blocks also are spawned.This part will only happen at 6 stars.The normal barricades are still there.Tons of Impossible Police mayhem.I never liked police traffic just going through lights or busting through traffic.For no reason. I fixed that.Sometimes police just walking away , way better now.All police get out of the vehicles when you are on foot , within a certain radius.Cars Bikes Ect.All police will follow you better. Perfect almost.Peds and cops in cars honk or use siren when you drive too close.A wanted star for a weapon visible.

Hey there, Yes within traffic , they are spawned randomly. For the limos though i have to do specific coding. Alot of features within this mod. Mostly traffic oriented. Initially it was a more profound mod with more than traffic features but i took alot out because i didnt know if it would be accepted because i had so much in it. Besides traffic. it had opened up area 51 and had the girl friends mod within it and more. Now mostly traffic. Car variations. Taxis do and dont have passengers. Male01. Everything to do with traffic.+ It enhances the police as well as peds that drive. So they 99% of the time follow traffic unless something happens to them. It is there as it is. It really is an ultimate traffic mod.

No the limos dont , but i could easily add a passenger in them. I mainly wanted them within traffic.As with any mod , there are unreachable heights. I could code all day.It comes easy with my studio experience.

Wow, this mod has some really nice stuff in it! Do you reckon there's a way to make highway traffic behave less unpredictable? For instance, would it be possible to make something where traffic in front of you do not switch lanes (so it creates less crashes and pile-ups on highways)?

Is it possible for drivers not to get impatient when waiting in a queue or at a red light? Because when impatient drivers (especially Taxi drivers, they cause all the crashes ) smash through all the oncoming traffic after waiting in a queue for a while it looks really bad.

it's good, but the highway traffic hasn't really changed much. When vehicles stop at a traffic light the vehicles behind still end up crashing into them causing some pile-ups. The Taxi feature is great btw

Sorry about thinking the bugs were from this mod, they were from a radar zoom script I had (which I now no longer use). I really like the new added features you've put in, like the paintjobs on random cars, peds getting in Taxis etc. makes a nice touch to SA's traffic.

While being an improvement over previous titles, the traffic in GTA San Andreas was often chaotic. It's challenging to drive on highways without damaging the vehicle, as the AI randomly switched lanes at the worst possible moment. Various bugs made AI car crashes a frequently occurring event, where a faster vehicle would ram into a slower one for no apparent reason.

This mod fixes all these issues and boosts the driving AI to make traffic more realistic. Cars do not switch lanes at random and heavier vehicles are forced to drive in their respective lanes. AI vehicles have different speeds and natural suspensions compared to the player.

Carnival Theme: PRIEBJ or CRAZYTOWNPedestrians are clowns and fast food workers, CJ wears a clown outfit, and all traffic vehicles are one of: Pizza Boy, BF Injection, Hotknife, Tug, Quad, and Hotdog. Plus, all 4-wheeled vehicles have hydraulics.

The Freiburg Street Crossing dataset consists of data collected from three different street crossings in Freiburg, Germany; ; two of which were traffic light regulated intersections and one a zebra crossing without traffic lights. The data can be used to train agents to cross roads autonomously.


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