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Mario Superstar Saga Complete Sound Effects Zip

NOTE: This game does NOT use the same sound effects as the original, with the exceptions of Fawful and Cackletta's voice clips being remastered, as well as some of Mario and Luigi's voice clips.

Mario Superstar Saga Complete Sound Effects Zip

Download Zip:

NOTE: Don't expect this sound effect in every animated movie just because there may be other cartoon sound effects in it. For example, certain companies, such as Pixar Animation Studios, do not use this sound effect for their movies.

In Nintendo 64 games, the audiotable is the file that contains all of the raw binary sound effects and instruments a game uses. The 64DD version of Super Mario 64 is unique because it contains two copies of the audiotable, possibly indicating the developers might not have been concerned about optimizing 64DD disk space. These audiotables also contain duplicate sound effects for particular sounds, which varies from the US/Japanese release counterparts that store each sound effect only once.

But also on further inspection, we realized that instead of 2 modes, Singleplayer and Multiplayer, there was only the Singleplayer mode. I decided that I should play first. James agreed and I clicked the start button. I was now in the choose a game screen, but instead of 2 games to choose from I only had 1, called: "1st game". I also realized that there was no sound at all, the only sound effect I heard since the beginning of the game was the narrator saying: "Choose a game!". I clicked the start button and started to play "1st game". The screen went black for a long time, but when I was about to close the window the screen flashed 3 times. I looked at the screen and I there stood Mario, ready for me to control him. I clicked the right arrow and Mario started to run. No enemies were seen and after running for like 1 minute I stumbled upon Luigi. James looked at the screen and laughed saying that Luigi is a green Mario and making jokes about him. I of course started laughing with James, because I always found Luigi a funny character. But, Luigi started crying... We stopped laughing and looked at the computer screen again. Luigi was really crying, the sound effects were from Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga. Now I couldn't control Mario anymore, Mario approached Luigi on his own and a speech bubble appeared over Mario's head, Mario Said: "What's wrong Luigi?" the letters were full of strange errors but it was readable. And then Luigi replied with his own speech bubble: "(unreadable) laughed at me." Again the text was full of strange errors and this time it was barely readable. Then Mario replied: "(unreadable) PAY!". The screen faded to black, I looked at James and he looked at me, we both were a little scared. I thought it was a joke because Luigi is always the target of a joke, right...? I closed the window and opened the folder where all the GBA games were located. I tried to delete the Folder with the strange rom, but I just couldn't. Nothing happened when I clicked the Delete button. I decided to enter the folder. In inside there was the Rom called: "PAY.GBA" and a .Zip file called: "PAYBETA". It looked like a new file generated, this .Zip file wasn't there before. I got confused and tired of this and closed the laptop. James was still looking at me kinda confused, I didn't know what to say, so I continued watching TV without replying to him.

The game was making strange error noises and instead of only 1 game to choose from, there were 2 games, "1st game" and "2nd game", I choose the "1st game" but nothing happened, every time I tried to play "1st game" the error sound effects got stronger. So I decided to play "2nd game". The game started out normally and the error noises stopped, but this time I wasn't playing with Mario, I was playing with Luigi. No background, no enemies, no sound and no platforms to walk on, everything was pitch black. I was getting a little scared, Luigi started to move on his own and I stood there, watching.

Luigi just ran, ran and ran without stopping, he starts to look tired but he continues, the background screen starts to flash rapidly, I look away for a moment because of the flash hurting my eyes, and when I look back at the screen, Luigi was inside Bowser's castle. He ran trough the castle, there were no enemies or obstacle, no sound effects, no music.

Luigi finally entered Bowser's room after a minute of running, but instead of using his flying machine, Bowser was going to fight Luigi on the ground. Bowser's sprite was so strange, so disgusting... I don't have words to describe it. So, the fight starts, Luigi jumped on top of Bowser's head, and a strange sound effect could be heard every time he did this, it sounded like bones cracking. Bowser started to bleed from his head has the fight progressed. Luigi had a strange smile on his face, he was enjoying this. Bowser was getting slow every time Luigi attacked him, Bowser's face was all disfigured and full of blood, with no energy left, Bowser falls to his knees, Luigi runs towards Bowser and starts jumping on his head repeatedly, Bowser's flesh starts to rip every time Luigi touches him, Bowser falls to the ground complete disfigured, clearly dead. Luigi starts to laugh and points at the screen and a speech bubble appears on top of him, saying: "TIME TO PAY!".

In a slapstick cartoon, this can be used as a complete substitute for the normal sound effects. In live action this is more commonly used alongside the normal sound effects, making it seem like a choreographed dance. In either case the effect is usually comedic, whether this was intentional or not, which is why the term is often used as a pejorative in film scoring circles.

If the player scans a Kirby, King Dedede, or Meta Knight amiibo figure, the player gains a Mystery Mushroom item that gives Mario the appearance of the figure scanned. Each character has a different pose and sound effects. These costumes do not appear in Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS as the Mystery Mushroom is exclusive to the Wii U version.

A theme based on Super Kirby Clash appears during the 7th Maximus Cup of Tetris 99. The theme has pictures and drawings of various characters in the background, including Kirby, Bandana Waddle Dee, Rick, Kine, Coo, Magolor, and Parallel Nightmare. There are also drawings of Gem Apples and Fragments as well. Music tracks and sound effects from Super Kirby Clash also can be heard during matches. Additionally, an 8-bit sprite of Kirby holding the Star Rod from Kirby's Adventure acts as the target reticle to let the player choose which competitors to send garbage to. Sprites of Kirby also depict badges. Lastly, the tetrominoes have stars on them, making them resemble Star Blocks, and garbage is changed to look like miniature Durable Blocks. The theme can be unlocked permanently by earning 100 points, and this also earns the player 99 Gem Apples in Super Kirby Clash. 350c69d7ab


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