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1) If you CAN see the bouncing "Coolmath" in the blue box above and your game looks like it's up and ready, but you can't get it to start, click your mouse on the game area. Sometimes the game just needs to know you are ready to play. If this box is working, but a some of our newer games are not, they might require the latest version of Flash, so you will need to update Flash to play those games.

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All of us here at Coolmath are dedicated to providing the best gaming experience for players of all ages. We will continue to add great games and features for you in the coming years, even if Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported.

Looking for the absolute best games on our site? Well look no further, these are fan favorites that have been played again and again at Coolmath Games. Take down other aircrafts in Copter Royale, bike your way to victory in Moto X3M, or swing through all of the levels in IQ Ball.

I picked this up to see if we could make some math concepts easier and more fun and this book exceeded my expectations. My kid loves playing these and asks all the time to play these games with us. Pretty darn cool.

Bloxorz is one of the most beloved games here on Coolmath Games. There are just a few simple game mechanics that you have to remember in order to make it through all 33 levels and beat the game!\r\n\r\n1) The aim of the game is to get the block to fall into the square hole at the end of each stage. \r\n\r\n2) To move the block around the world, use the left, right, up and down arrow keys. Be careful not to fall off the edges. The level will be restarted if this happens.\r\n\r\n3) Bridges and switches are located in many levels. The switches are activated when they are pressed down by the block. You do not need to stay resting on the switch to keep bridges closed.\r\n\r\n4) There are two types of switches: \"Heavy\" x-shaped ones and \"soft\" octagon ones... Soft switches (octagons) are activated when any part of your block presses it. Hard switches (x's) require much more pressure, so your block must be standing on its end to activate them.\r\n\r\n5) When activated, each switch may behave differently. Some will swap the bridges from open to closed to open each time it is used. Some will create bridges permanently. Green or red colored squares will flash to indicate which bridges are being operated.\r\n\r\n6) Orange tiles are more fragile than the rest of the land. If your block stands up vertically on an orange tile, the tile will give way and your block will fall through.\r\n\r\n7) Finally, there is a third type of switch shaped like this: ( ) It teleports your block to different locations, splitting it into two smaller blocks at the same time. These can be controlled individually and will rejoin into a normal block when both are places next to each other.\r\n\r\n8) You can select which small block to use at any time by pressing the spacebar. Small blocks can still operate soft switches, but they aren't big enough to activate heavy switches. Also, small blocks cannot go through the exit hole -- only a complete block can finish the stage.\r\n\r\n9) Remember the passcode for each stage. It is located in the top right corner. You can skip straight back to each stage later on by going to \"Load Stage\" in the main menu and entering the 6 digit level code. \r\n" } } , { "@type":"Question", "name":"Is Bloxorz the only block game on Coolmath Games?", "acceptedAnswer":{ "@type":"Answer", "text":"Bloxorz is far and away one of the most popular block games on Coolmath Games. However, there are many new block games on the site that are tons of fun to play, especially if you're a fan of puzzle games.

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Bloxorz has been around since 2007. It was a big hit on Coolmath Games when it was first uploaded, and has remained a staple of our website ever since. Beating all 33 levels of Bloxorz is a rite of passage for devout fans of logic games on our site.

Bloxorz is far and away one of the most popular block games on Coolmath Games. However, there are many new block games on the site that are tons of fun to play, especially if you're a fan of puzzle games.

A great alternative to workbooks and flashcards to help kids practice math and build lifelong skills is using fun and interactive math games. Interactive activities not only promote strategic mathematical thinking, but can also serve as pivotal building blocks in your child's lifelong journey with math.

There are many websites that offer wide selections of fun math games for kids, for various grade levels. From problem-solving activities and counting games to word problems, multiplication games, and time games, here are some of our favorite educational games!

With games aimed at students from 1st grade to 6th grade, Math Playground is a treasure trove of free online math games for kids. There are games focused on specific, grade-wise topics, allowing kids to hone one skill at a time, and build on topics as they master them.

Kids pre-k to 3rd grade can learn about math with their favorite PBS characters. This website is full of cool math games designed to keep kids engaged while learning math skills. And, its completely free!

Imaginative DIY math games are a great, inexpensive, way to channel antsy energy into productive, educational practice. There are a number of different ways you can create a fun math game.

For context, I am not a random 7 year old. I am an adult who just wants to play a game series that is very nostalgic for me and I only ever played them on Coolmath or on mobile (where they unfortunately cost money). Specifically, the "Papa's games" (papa's pizzeria, freezeria, taco mia, etc.) Since I am at least a little smarter than when I was 12 years old using this site on the school computers, I'd like to make sure that this website won't kill my computer.

Math is an essential skill. The problem is, many of us find it quite boring! That's why math games exist to teach math skills in a fun and engaging way. This subject can be fun - you just need the right platform. We have a brilliant range of games that will challenge your mental acuity and help you practice math.

Math games have one common element - the need to use arithmetic to work out mathematical problems. How this is achieved can vary greatly, however. For example, Sudoku games require skill and patience, whereas a game like Flappy Bird Math combines platform game elements together with problem-solving.

Why not give our fun math games a try today? If you have a big test coming up, and you want to revise, these titles are perfect. Alternatively, if you just want to test your mental skills then this is the perfect way to do so!

"The concern seems to be about Flash games, because Flash will no longer be supported at the end of 2020. However, we've been totally focused on HTML5 games for years now. We've also converted a large number of our older Flash games to HTML5, so you can keep playing them even when Flash support ends," holds the statement issued by the team behind Coolmath Games.

Launched in 1997, Coolmath Games boasts games like the ever-popular Papa's Scooperia, in which users have to serve customers complicated orders at breakneck speed. The brilliant aesthetic and the imaginative story helped it garner fans across all age groups.

I recently learned several of those games from the book, Math Games and Activities From Around the World by Claudia Zaslavsky. I highly recommend this book! Kids learn not only all different types of cool math games and puzzles but a great deal about other countries and cultures, too.

Join us for Global Math Week by devoting one or more days of math instruction this week to trying a new approach to math, either from the games on this page or other options on the Global Math Project website. Share your experience by tagging @GlobalMathProj and @STMath!

Get the Math is about algebra in the real world. See how professionals use math in music, fashion, video games, restaurants, basketball, and special effects. Then take on interactive challenges related to those careers.

Maths is one of the most feared subjects by school students, universally. This fear of math often develops at early stages and stays for life. To overcome this, it is important to make math education fun and interesting. And one of the best ways for this is to teach maths through fun games and cool activities. Here we present 5 awesome fun math games for primary school students (Class 1 to Class 6) that convert maths in to hours of fun activity.

Why is this maths game so cool: This particular maths game is so simple to create and so interesting to solve that kids just love to solve it. You could tie up a few small rewards and prizes with this game to motivate the kids to play it.

Why is this math game so cool: The urge to reveal the hidden picture is so high that small math questions in between appear just like a fun game. Whats more, there is tons of practice that students get and that too in a fun manner that they will love. This game asks kids to apply their math skills to play. Below, we have given 3 such puzzles as samples for you to download for free.

Why is this math game so cool: Kids are actually coloring a complex image while they are solving math problem. It is amazing fun for them, especially when they see the final colorful image appear as a result of correctly solving all those questions. Whats more, if they have done something wrong, then it becomes apparent immediately because of a mismatch in color. So thats a good way to give feedback too. However, this game is a bit more time consuming to make.


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